ASSET – Automated ShiftLeft Self-Serve Enterprise Tool

The ASSET (Automated ShiftLeft Self-Serve Enterprise Tool) from Softwaytek LLC will aid teams to adopt industry standard Shift-Left methodology. ASSET leads to shortened SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), quicker turnaround, and faster time to market. The tool is configurable to fit into the technology stack used by the Client. The tool will also have a self-serve portal which enables one-click onboarding of new applications.
Why ASSET will it be beneficial to the client?
  • Fail fast, learn quick, adapt
  • Check-in code, Done!
  • Language and Platform agnostic
  • IAC – Infrastructure as a Code, resulting in lesser burden on teams
  • What the tool can achieve?
    • One stop self-serve for CI/CD/CV
    • Backout/rollback capability
    • Plug-and-play of CI/CD tools
    • Faster onboarding
    • RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
    • Comprehensive application statuses
    • Data driven insights, metrics, and notifications
    • Security and audit logs
    How does ASSET provide excellent ROI?
    • Quicker learning curve for new team members
    • Reduced cost in training
    • Lesser resources, Higher productivity
    • Increased volume of deliverables per sprint