Data & Analytic solutions

Uncover more meaningful insights to drive strategic and tactical decision making
Softwaytek offers analytic solutions for evidence-based support in your decision making, quality care, performance management, fraud detection, and business intelligence (BI). By integrating millions to trillions of records, we identify recurring patterns, build metrics and implement BI portals that achieve value, optimization and cost advantages
Great analytics needs great data mining and processing
The pace of business is getting faster. This means we have to make more decisions in the same amount of time. Thus, the pace at which we can develop and deliver analytics needs to increase. The speed at which an analytics project can be executed is dependent on the speed at which the data to support it can be assembled. Additionally, the effectiveness of the project depends on assembling the “right” data.
Data analysis requires specialized skills to collect, analyze, and interpret the results. However, data analysis should not worry you since we are offering professional data analytic solutions that will enable you to scale your business and handle all your business data. We apply both modern techniques such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and break through techniques and cloud analytics to analyze your data. Our data analytic team is highly trained and experienced hence they will help you to make informed decisions from the analyzed data.
Case Studies
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eComtics Platform using Predictive Analytics

eComtics combines in-built predictive analytics and multi-source customer data, unlocking meaningful relationships between customers and products to drive conversions and increase revenue. The Platform provides ready-made widgets for quick integration into any eCommerce Platform

Models Used
  • Clustering Algorithms, Regression Analysis, Association rules, Markov Chain
  • Content based filtering, Collaborative filtering, Multi-criteria recommender systems
  • Simulations, Heuristic Solvers, Multi Armed Bandit Algorithm
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), Rules-based Sentiment Analysis